a tie more like a win: Barca 1 - 1 Real Madrid

  • when the game started 
  • the first half was really scary even with no REAL dangerous shoots but still I was watching like 
  • everyone was amazing
  • when the second half was about to start I was so enthusiastic I was like “Let’s GOOO BARCA”
  • but at the beginning Madrid were attacking and it was just min 46!!!!
  • anyway 
  • then we got back on FIRE!!!!!!
  • and just about the right time 
  • Iniesta prefect pass 
  • Pedro receives it annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd
  • I was soooo happy
  • then after breathtaking 10 mins 
  • Madridista are back and - I don’t remember who it was - shoots but hits the bar
  • and the Marcelo scores
  • but we still fought - defended and attacked 
  • and at 89 
  • and finally 
  • and the crowd there was AMAZING!! wish I was there

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